Extensive Partnerships with the University of Notre Dame

Extensive Partnerships with the University of Notre Dame
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International Arts and Culture

Special thanks to: Brian O’Conchubhair, Center for the Study of Language & Cultures

Perley has piloted an International Arts and Culture Partnership with the University of Notre Dame by creating a program that blends the arts with language to immerse our students in culture. Our goal is to promote linguistic and cultural/societal awareness and provide exposure, thereby creating global learners.

Fulbright scholars are paired with a grade level for approximately 30 minutes five days a week, over the course of eight non-consecutive weeks (approximately once a month each school year). Our 2nd graders have studied German, Hindi, and Italian.  Our 3rd graders have studied Russian, Korean, and Portuguese. Our 4th graders have studied Swahili, Korean, Chinese, and a second year of Portuguese. Kindergarten is now being introduced to Portuguese, and first graders are studying French.

Students are introduced to the history, traditions, beliefs, and customs of a variety of places. Multiculturalism is naturally infused into our school because the arts promote mixed perspectives. We use music, drama, visual art, and movement to inspire students to be familiar with their heritage and celebrate all ethnicities. Our students are provided with the exposure to gain practical experience and knowledge about the world. They understand the importance of diversity and look for the beauty, worth, and commonalities in people.

DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, in conjunction with the Kennedy Center’s Partners In Education program

Special thanks to: Sean Martin, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Teaching Artists from the Kennedy Center’s Partners in Education program have administered Arts Integration workshops with students and staff from Perley Fine Arts Academy three times a year since 2012. Perley teachers are given innovative techniques to use the arts as a vehicle for teaching in order to increase the artistic literacy of young people. 

The multidimensional benefits of arts-integrated instruction will provide and expand frameworks for critical thinking, accommodate a wide variety of learning styles, foster extended ways of developing self-esteem, and celebrate the expression of meaning through artistic forms.  

We will continue creating professional development opportunities to help our Perley family in understanding the beauty, depth, and range of the arts while providing them tools for regularly incorporating the arts into classroom life.